Psychic Weight

by Psychic Weight

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released February 28, 2015



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Psychic Weight Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Know Thyself
My thought process is killing me. My lifestyle is aging me. My though process is aging me. My lifestyle is killing me. What good is it to know that you know my pain? When knowing that won't take it away. The only person who can stop me is me. To know thyself is to know your enemy.
Track Name: Garbage Head
I used to love watching cartoons until they came to life and started eating my food. Unconcerned with the who, what or when, Muppet babies are horrifying as grown men. I'm surrounded by my enemies but all I see is weakness. How can you live so heavy and only produce weak shit? And I know I'm guilty of wasting time. At least I claim that guilt as mine. I'm not saying my shit don't stink. But at least I can fucking think. You're in over your head trying to force my hand. I need to bring this to an end. Why are you looking at me like I don't want to kill you? 'cause if looks could kill you'd be dead. That garbage that comes out when you open your mouth is evidence of the garbage in your head. Garbage head.
Track Name: Pig Mask
The people who you hurt, the damage that you cause, the bridges that you burn are not off-set by your flaws. You're no victim. There's no excuse for continuing a cycle of abuse. Every bad thing that you send out into the world will crash down on you tenfold. Violent men commit violent acts. Violent acts can be social norms. Violent men meet violent ends. Violence comes in many forms. I don't suffer the illusion of justice but I know shitheads can't help themselves. I dream of the day it will be just us and you won't be able to call out for help.
Track Name: The Alchemist
Stupid feet tripping. Clumsy hands fumbling. Idiotic thoughts barely worth mumbling. Blissful complacency slowly fades to suffering. Behold the alchemist who can turn something into nothing. I know all the facts all about my favorite fiction. Don't know a thing about leading a life worth living. Fool myself into thinking that I'm right. Blessed with the insight to always see the downside. Painfully aware my brain's been comprised. Cursed with the hindsight to finally see my blindside. Now I know how the serpent felt. You too can become the devil just for trying to help. The psychic weight. The mental thorn. A puzzle piece that does not fit. A familiar shape now deformed.
Track Name: Persona Non Grata
After twenty-something years I'm finally comfortable in my skin. I'm all alone but that doesn't matter because to be myself I'm persona non grata. Finally closed that book and I'll write a new chapter. No one will read it but that doesn't matter. To save myself I'm persona non grata. Honest to a fault so it's all my fault when I tell you things that you don't want to hear. Truth trumps compliments. Truth's the greatest gift but the truth is what you truly fear. There's no prize, no finish line. No matter how you live you will die. So stop living a lie.
Track Name: RIP
Sex and drugs and senseless fights. Lonely together through sleepless nights. Trying to think of something to say to save us from marching to that grave. Days and weeks and months and years have only galvanized my fear. But you don't care anyways. Your only concern is who to blame. Failing to find the balance between happiness and wealth; the day we met is the day we buried ourselves. So best of luck. Happy trails. Stay in touch. R.I.P. I failed you and you failed me and now we rot in purgatory.